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beta testing

with less than a week away, the reality of opening is alarmingly close now.  while all sorts of nervous, it’s the good kind — kind of like the jitters you get before performing on stage in a school play that you worked so hard to be really really good at.  Charleen Badman, a chef in Arizona i know and respect, posted a quote this morning

“In all professions, without doubt, but certainly in cooking, one is a student all his life.”
-Fernand Point

i’ve always felt that, even before i was officially in the industry.  the moment you stop learning, it’s time to move on.  you’ve essentially lost that lovin’ feeling in my eyes.  besides, learning is the fun part!  you are constantly improving on something that’s already solid, making it better with each revision.  there was a point in time when i would have used the phrase, “pushing towards perfection” in this case, but as i get older and more seasoned, i have learned that perfection necessarily is not what i am working towards.  and i’ve learned that it’s not so much for myself, but for the looks of genuine satisfaction, the smiles of guests who eventually turn into friends, that heartfelt “thank you” as they walk out your door.  more than any star or point system, or approval from a critic.  those one on one interactions after you’ve fed someone something you cooked from your heart, that’s what i am now working towards.

all those feels aside, i am now feeling good about our finalized menu and just plain ready to start service again.  most of the beta testing has been completed.  all lunch staff tasting is set for next tuesday, we’ll be eating so much foods!  food and menu education is one of the most important facets in my eyes.  get the whole crew informed and organized and on the same page and we all come up strong.  on that note, it’s back to finalizing recipes!

in the words of one, bender rodriguez in the form of an iguana:

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