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the start of our journey

portland was wonderful, incredibly delicious and nothing short of awe inspiring both in its natural scenery and food scene.  but now that we are both back in l.a., it is time to buckle down and really get this ball started.  our preliminary menu has undergone some more changes (and will probably continue to evolve up until opening day — but hopefully not).  we have officially started at canele and are working our first official brunch this weekend.  tinkering with the brunch menu will come in time, we are just trying to focus on getting our opening menu in order.  next up is recipe writing and figuring out whose station each dish will come off of.

there’s no way to sugarcoat this because i’m absolutely terrified about how we will be received.  but more than the uncertainty and the doubt, i am proud of what we do and what we are about.  and that helps me sleep at night!  i just won’t be able to shake the jitters until opening day is all.

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