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extended vacation

looks like we have a two week head start to begin planning and prep for WILD!  an early departure from our previous kitchen has given us a chance to get ahead.

on the docket in between filling in on the line:

gochujang exploration
ube pan de sal bun testing
atchara pickles

among other things…..these are just a few things i’m super excited about.  well, everything is exciting about it i suppose, just a matter of what to start on first.

this leisurely living is amazing and so relaxing but i’m beginning to get an itch to get back in the kitchen and on the line.  it is forever our siren song.  it is also 9 days away from our friend’s cook at canele!  putting the last few touches on the menu before we hand it over to Corina and get crackin.

but first things first: recipe formatting

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